What People Are Saying

WOW! This group of Ladies are amazing! Encouraging, motivated and power are just a few words to describe them.

MBS, South Suburbs

Although I haven’t been able to participate this season yet due to my health. I still receive encouragement and positive support and information from the group. Love all the activities and conferences that are held in the off season. Blessings and continued success Dsfit2run. Love all that you offer to everyone, no matter what level you are at.

AF, Frankfort, IL

With great pleasure, I write this testimonial to how greatly I have been helped by Wardean (Deana) Patterson. I met Deana in 2009 at a time of personal transition. I did not have a healthy lifestyle and had poor nutrition. I started walking with Deana’s group and wow what a change! The walking turned into running and I completed my first half-marathon – the only athletic event that I’ve ever attempted. Since then I’ve completed another half-marathon, one 10K race and several 5K races. I never thought I could be a runner. The pride that I feel in my physical fitness is beyond words!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I couldn’t have met my goals without Deana’s guidance and coaching. Her encouragement picked me up when I felt I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted. Deana really cares that the ladies on her team achieve success and is always available to give advice and support. I am amazed at how physically fit I’ve become. I don’t always eat healthy but I’m better than I used to be! Thanks to Deana, I’ve made a lifestyle change that I intend to maintain. I’ll always be grateful for her support!

Mary Malcolm, South Suburb, IL

DSFit2Run has been a wonderful addition to my life. I appreciate the unfailing support that I receive not only from Deana, but from the other members who are always there to encourage, inspire and uplift me every week. The genuine camaraderie and mutual desire to move towards greater health and total wellness is what joins us together. But it’s the fun that keeps us together!

EH, Bourbonnais, IL

I joined DSfit2run after a foot surgery that I believed would make it very difficult for me to walk/jog/run at a reasonable pace. I’ve since been able to complete my first 5k and shortly after my first 15k, all of which brought about such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I feel that DSfit2run greatest compliment to the community is the fact that it does not only help to educate and motivate you regarding fitness at your level and better food options, but brings fitness full circle building mind, body, and spirit.

TM, Lynwood, IL

Prior to meeting Deana I thought I knew all about healthy living. I thought the only answer to better living was to exercise and that’s all. I had no idea that healthy living required a combination of eating, fitness, financial stability, spirituality and emotional balance…haha who knew? Deana’s coaching restored a clear understanding on how to balance it all. Now I will say I am a work In progress and I still have a ways to go but Deana is with me during my journey. She will call me, text me, send a Facebook message or email to connect with me and ask questions like how is the water intake going? how is juice plus? etc. her determination is over the top. like I love her so much because she gets me and understands my struggle, which at the end of the day is important to me.

I never last with trainers/coaches because they teach to groups, and their teaching is one way is the only way. I always ask them, How do you coach me and you don’t know me? That question is never understood so my journey with them never last long. Deana has that coaching connection with her entire team, and she’s individualized her teaching on a more personal level. A coach like Deana gets two thumbs up in my book. I appreciate all that she does for me and couldn’t be on this journey without her. #teamdsfit2run #makeithappen #healthyliving

MH, South Suburbs IL

I attended the FRESH Conference for the first time this year as a vendor. The conference was informative, inspiring, and well organize. Hats off to Deana Patterson owner of DsFit2Run. In our welcome bags, I was surprised to see a blood pressure unit! I’m battling with hypertension and now able to monitor my blood pressure on a daily basis. I also use it on the entire family. This unit has helped tremendously. Looking forward to the next conference.

VR, Matteson, IL



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